2016 Archive: Schedule

Camp Vendini 2016 was held on August 8–9, 2016 at the Bently Reserve in San Francisco. There were 14 sessions over the course of two days and a Monday night bash that involved a cruise around the city. 

To see highlights from the conference, check out our post-conference recap.

2016 Schedule At a Glance

2016 Schedule

August 08, 2016
August 09, 2016
8:00 am – 9:00 am

Registration & Breakfast

Orienteering: Welcome & Vendini Vision

Join the Vendini leadership team to kick off Camp Vendini, hear about what we’ve been doing and learn where our focus lies for the future.
Camp Vendini speaker Keith Goldberg
Keith Goldberg
Camp Vendini speaker Mark Tacchi
Mark Tacchi

Keynote: The Neuroscience of Memorable Events

The best event is a memorable event. But what makes something memorable? In this session we’ll look to the field of neuroscience to teach us what our audiences’ brains need...
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Dr. Carmen Simon

Birds of a Feather Campfires

Time for ghost stories! Join a Birds of a Feather Campfire for a conversation with your peers. We’ll break into groups based on organization type so you can connect with...
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11:50 am–1:20 pm


The Evolution of a Patron: Summer Fling to Long Term Relationship

Our patrons are our lifeline and inspiration. Without them we wouldn’t exist. How can we forge long lasting relationships and lay the groundwork for success today and in the future?...
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Vendini Member Conference speaker Elizabeth Santanta
Elizabeth Santana

Using Live Data to Stay Out of the Woods

Your events are live and so is your data. Armed with the right stats, you can make informed decisions and positively impact your business. In this session, you’ll learn how...
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Katie Nix

Panel: Emerging Technology for Live Events

Join us for a panel discussion to explore how live entertainment professionals are using technology to boost engagement, collect data, increase funding and reshape the live event experience. In addition,...
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Vendini Member Conference speaker Jon Park
Jon Park
Vendini Member Conference speaker Stephanie Renee Maysonave
Stephanie Renee Maysonave
Vendini Member Conference speaker Seth Sheck
Seth Sheck
Vendini Member Conference speaker Tyler Bennett
Tyler Bennett

Box Office Best Practices to Make Customers Feel at Home

Buying a ticket or interacting with your box office is often a customer’s first experience with your organization. This first interaction sets the tone for the rest of their engagement....
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Vendini Member Conference speaker David Olson
David Olson
Vendini Member Conference speaker Hannah Meinken
Hannah Meinken

Creative Ways to Boost Attendance

How can you increase ticket sales and expand your audience? Whether you want to increase sales for an onsale, pack the stadium for your next game or fill the house...
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Vendini Member Conference speaker Heather Meza
Heather Meza

Camp Vendini Bash: Hornblower Sunset Cruise

Kick back and relax after Monday’s sessions wrap. Enjoy a uniquely San Francisco experience as we cruise the bay aboard the Empress Hornblower. Dinner, drinks and transportation will be provided. Complimentary...
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8:00 am – 9:00 am

Registration & Breakfast

Welcome Back

Camp Vendini speaker Keith Goldberg
Keith Goldberg

Panel: How to engage a multigenerational audience

Join us for a panel discussion featuring strategies to help you reach multigenerational audiences and keep them coming back for more. We’ll investigate what motivates different generations (such as boomers...
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Vendini Member Conference speaker Julie Nunn
Julie Nunn
Vendini Member Conference speaker Richard Lonsdorf
Richard Lonsdorf
Vendini Member Conference speaker Jack Short
Jack Short
Vendini Member Conference speaker Noelle Vinas
Noelle Vinas

Survival Kit for a Successful High Volume Event

Large scale, high volume events are high stakes and high pressure. With thoughtful planning and preparation you can alleviate stress and anticipate obstacles to ensure your event goes off without...
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Vendini Member Conference speaker Steve Fore
Steve Fore

The art of negotiation

Negotiations — large and small — are embedded in most aspects of business and life. Being a successful negotiator is pivotal to establishing mutually beneficial, prosperous and lasting relationships. This...
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Vendini Member Conference speaker Gary Tucker
Gary Tucker

Panel: Partnering with Your Community: The Buddy System at its Best

Looking for strategic partnerships? We have one word for you. Community. In this session a panel of experts will discuss some of the ways venues and live event organizations can...
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Vendini Member Conference speaker Joey Babbitt
Joey Babbitt
Vendini Member Conference speaker Scott Knies
Scott Knies
Vendini Member Conference speaker Barry Martin
Barry Martin
Vendini Member Conference speaker Erin Searfus
Erin Searfus

Techniques to Set Up Staff & Volunteers for Success

Your staff and volunteers are the face of your organization. They humanize your brand and build meaningful relationships with your patrons and fans to keep them coming back. Without engaged...
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Vendini Member Conference speaker Steve Weisz
Steve Weisz
Vendini Member Conference speaker Betsy Holbrook
Betsy Holbrook
12:05 pm-1:35 pm


Get to Know Your Gear: Product Session

Vendini Members, please join us for a product session where we will explore two topics that you voted on and helped select. Together we’ll dive into ways you can better...
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Erin Clendaniel

Learning Lab

Visit the hands-on Learning Lab to explore different features and functionality of the Vendini solutions. Vendini experts will be on hand to guide you, discuss best practices and help answer...
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Keynote: Delivering Happiness: The New Secret Ingredient

It’s no secret that company culture matters. The challenge is creating cultures that elevate business impact. The secret is a well-known, often misunderstood emotion that is becoming the biggest competitive...
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Sunny Grosso